Modern Layer Construction provides Acrylic Ease of Cleaning  to classic designs, eliminating the problems of cast iron & porcelain.
Claw Foot & Pedestal Tubs
59 "   67 "   73 "  Bateau Style(Above)       59"   67"    73"   Double deep Ended   (Above)

     Bateau Style tub Claw or Pedestal
    Double Ended tub Claw or Pedestal
   Double Slipper tub Claw or Pedestal
Single slipper Claw or pedestal
Jetted and air tub Models are made

From two acrylic, fiberglass skins

and are available in several sizes

These 54 " and 58 " swedish style tubs are
Perfect for smaller baths. 
Pics Below54 "58 "
        Classic Flat Top 53 " 56 " 59 " 65 "
            Pedestal Base or Claw Foot  
             Pedestal Base or Claw Foot
        Pedestal Base or Claw Foot
Pedestal Base or Claw Foot
     All Tubs can use Ball & Claw Feet        OR      More Traditional Lion Paw Feet.
                 59 "67"73" Double Slipper57"59"67"73"   Single Slipper