Edwardian Style, Old World Faucet with Modern Solid Brass Construction and Ceramic Valves. Chrome, BN, ORB.
Victorian Style, Old world Faucet with Modern Solid Brass Construction and Ceramic Valves.
 Oil Rubbed Bronze, Chrome, Brushed Nickel.

Our I C S Expressions Model
Modern Twin Lever Style Faucet
Soild Brass Construction and Ceramic
Valves. Brused Nickel or Chrome or O.R.B.
 Our Faucet Stands Easy Mount to Floor     

Upgade Delta's Single Lever Faucets come in Gooseneck snout, or Rectangle snout;                      Modern design or Old World Kettle Snout for traditional Design. 
  Our Retangular Style Solid Brass with Ceramic      Valves UpGrade Chrome , Brushed Nickel
Warning: All single valve faucets require pre- slab or sub floor installation of Mounting box, control valve.
                                      T4759FL ChromeT4767FL ChromeT4797FL Chrome

                                       T4759SSFL Stainless        T4767SSFL Stainless  T 4797SSFL Stainless

 Wall Mounted Modern Expressions twin lever faucet Floor or easy 
 solid wall mounting. Chrome, Brushed Nickel, or Oil Rubbed Bronze.
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Edwardian Goose Neck Old World Faucets 

can be Wall Mounted. Chrome, Brushed 

Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Victorian Old Work Low Snout Faucets can 

be Wall Mounted. Chrome, Brushed Nickel,

Oil Rubbed Bronze.

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Of Modern Expressions Faucet

on Faucet Stands.


 Delta R4700-FLWS Rough