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Skirted with Tile Flanges
                                  6' Model
                          3672L   3672R

      6' Model
4272L        4272R
   Quality Series
40 gal. use, 55 gal. max.
42 gal. use, 57 gal. max.
45 gal. use, 70 gal. max.
60 gal. use, 80 gal. max.
(left drain)         (right drain)
  (left drain)         (right drain)
30 L  & 30 R 30" wide models

38 gal. use, 52 gal. max

Skirted Tile flanged tubs offer easy install and safe water catching for showers above the tub.

New for 2017 are the Zen style open inside  tubs for max. seating area and extra deep.

30" x 60 " x 22.5 " 32" x 60 " x 22.5 " 
        S3060-MRL    S3060-MRR   S3260-MRL           S3260-MRR

Jetted Zen tubs feature 8 adjustable jets for directional,Air jetted tubs fill entire tub with micro bubbles for relaxation

targeted therapy on lower back, feet , and legs.    and circulation with heated blowers and Ozone sanitaion.