Modern zen tubs, Oval or Rectangle shapes provide large interior seating area.
     Drop-in, Undermount, or Slide-in with tile flanges available.
There is room on the tub for many faucet mounts, including popular leading brands.
Air Jetted, Water Jetted, and Combo jetted versions are available with many options.

       Rectangle Zen Drop-in
    Oval Zen Drop-in

101zR3260-MRE  32x60x21  

102zR3660-MRE  36x60x21  

102.5z    R3666-MRE  36x66x21 

103z       R3672-MRE  36x72x21  

102OvalzO3660-MOE  36x60x20

102.5Ovalz    O3666-MOE   36x66x20

103OvalzO3672-MOE   36x72x20

Build Knee wall under tub lip , plywood then tile or finish the skirt.

     Center Side Drain Models for 2 Person seating Below;
Jetting Options;Water Jets, Air Jets, or Combo of both.

Standard Jet Package is 8 zen style jets; 2 back, 2 feet, 2 sides.

V pad upgrades back jets to 8 micro flush adjustable jets ( 14 Total )

Air jets are real air jets along the sidewall near the tub floor;
Our air jets drain water into the tub
National Brands add an air chamber to tub,

drill holes and call them jets ! Chamber holds

water for mold, mildew, and germs, forever!
     Wrong way to air jet a bathtub, beware !

R3660-MRS   36x60x20Side Drain

R3666-MRS (68" )  36x66x20Side Drain

R3672-MRS (74" )   36x72x20       Side Drain
         Optional V Pad Back Therapy

 O3060-MOS30x60x20Side Drain


 O3666-MOS36x66x20Side Drain

 O3672-MOS36x72x20Side Drain
    Center Drain Models for 2 person seating Below: